Why Buy PreLoved?

Why Buy Pre-loved and Vintage LUXURY Items?

Quality — Vintage Luxury Bags were crafted with higher quality materials than their newer counterparts. The leather and coated canvas are thicker and more durable. Hardware doesn’t chip and is dependable, easily renewed by polishing. Craftsmanship was impeccably flawless. Older Luxury bags were successfully built to last and maintain their beauty.

Style — New models may have a similar signature look and feel as their vintage predecessors, but somehow something is missing. The vintage designs have that archetypal shape, color and finish for which Luxury is best known. For serious fashion connoisseurs, the older designs are more authentic and classic than their contemporary counterparts.

History — Like a work of art, preloved and vintage luxury items are truly collectibles. Buying a preloved bag is not simply consuming the latest ‘thing’ of a soulless production line, its investing in a precious handmade item with a unique and traceable history.

Value — New Luxury bags are like new cars, depreciating immediately after purchase.  However, preloved bags hold their value or even increase over time. Purchased for a fraction of new bag costs and easily sold or traded later for equal value. Buying a vintage luxury bag is an investment to love and enjoy!

Conscience — Buying Vintage not only feels good, but is good for the earth.  Every item we reuse, not only reduces waste, but also reduces the carbon footprint by eliminating production of new items.  Buying preloved is environmentally responsible.