About Us

Founder of Bag Envy, Kimber Reed, is bringing new life to luxury bags. By adding a fresh look and new functionality to forgotten pieces, they find love once again. Clients are obsessed, anxiously awaiting to admire every new item and hoping to possibly add another perfect piece to their collection. 

   Releasing an assortment of new items weekly with primary focus on CHANEL, Gucci and Louis Vuitton leather goods, Bag Envy is surprising affordable. Providing the opportunity for EVERYONE to own at least one luxury bag, or even customize their own; Luxury is no longer only for the rich. However, it is for the Swift, these items fly off the shelves.

   Every item is first inspected for Authenticity, then thoroughly cleaned, retouched and/or dyed to perfection.  Known for putting chains on wallets, if an item can be more functional, its individually redesigned, then altered using only the highest quality materials and detail oriented craftsmanship. Bag Envy always stands behind their work and provides Excellent Customer Service.

   Sustainable practices are fully implemented through all business processes, from item selection through packaging, aiming for a negative overall carbon footprint, or positive impact on the environment. Work in sustainable home design, material restoration and construction provide the knowledge, skill set and technique to craft quality leatherwork. Joyful Clients provide the continuous stream of creative inspiration necessary to resurrect the forgotten and give new life.